Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rhein Theater Bacharach

I had the pleasure of spending a few days relaxing along the Rhein in the Bier Garden of the Rhein Theater in Bacharach.  I can say that it was by far the place to spend a few hours watching the Rhein and enjoying the view.
I'm enjoyed their Bier, brewed there.
I had before been to the Rhein Theater but in the winter of 2010 one of the coldest on record at that time.  Being a bit of a photographer I noticed that there were some Marionettes hanging inside the theater.  I tried to photograph them but the result wasn't good because of the glass and the viewing angle.  I returned there in May of 2014 and the windows were now frosted.  I said something to the woman serving the Bier Garden and she said I could just go inside and look at them. So I returned with my camera and took photos of the Marionettes.
I was allowed to be there unsupervised to take photos.
 I was able to get up close and personal with the figures though I didn't want to move them or the storage frames they hung from so the space was pretty tight. I used a Fuji X-20 and a Sony NEX 5R to photograph the Marionettes.  I shot using a 3 bracketed exposure sequence then merged them with Photomatix and tonemapped them to add some contrast.
The storage area for the Marionetten was typical of most, small and crowded so there were some challenges in attempting to take photos of them and not break or fall over anything.
I managed to get a few shots that I liked and a few that I wish I could have done over.  In a perfect world I would have moved them into an area so that I could have done them individually with proper lighting and a seamless background.  In a perfect world but this is a you get what you get type of opportunity so these are the photos I ended up with.


Clown in Camouflage 

Rhein Theater Lobby

This is what you will see when you walk into the lobby of the Rhein Theater.  I think a cute scene

Rhein Theater Interior

View from Bier Garden
I spent many hours sitting here looking over the balcony and looking out over the Rhein River.  While the train does pass by from time to time the old city wall absorbs much of the sound and one can spend time here and enjoy the sights and sounds of the boats traveling by.
I would say that if you had the time and were in Bacharach you should make time to check out the Rhein Theater.
There is also an honour flea market in the area that may provide you with an interesting souvenir of your day at the Bier Garten.  I thought the Cherry Streusel was very good.  I believe I ate there twice and the food suited me as far as a guy traveling alone and looking for something simple to eat.  The price was reasonable and the people are friendly.

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