Saturday, February 23, 2013

Papago Brewing Company a review

After a day of taking photos some of us club members went to Papago Brewing Company to get something to eat.
First off I'd have to say that it is located in a strip mall so it is a bit difficult to find.  Even the entrance was a bit hidden but not really difficult.  If you didn't know where it is you might drive by it, like we did.
We were there around 2 PM so the place wasn't exactly crowded.  My first impression was that it was a bit different in decor.
We were seated quickly.  The furniture is wood and pretty comfortable.
I'm going to say I had a good time there.  I think a lot of that was because of the company I was with at the time.  We were talking about the photos we took and did a bit of 'chimping' ( viewing photos on the LCD screen ).  We did sit for a while but after ordering the food came quickly.

My big gripe is that this place is a brewery it should know some beer etiquette or at the very least how to pour beer.  I ordered a Pilsner beer to go along with my lunch.  The beer came in a tapered glass and full to the top with beer.  A Pilsner glass is wider at the bottom than at the top the glass I received my beer was the opposite.  The flavor of any beer is in the head.  A correctly drawn Pilsner Beer should take several minutes to draft and the head should be thick enough to float a penny.

The beer wasn't bad but could have been better had it been drafted correctly.  I suppose in our hurry up society the correct method gets lost in favor of speed.

I had a club sandwich which wasn't bad but was missing the third slice of bread.  The potato salad was, in my opinion, excellent.

The bottom line I had a good time but like I said it was probably more in line with the company I was with and not so much the Pub.  One beer and a sandwich set me back $18 with the tip.  I think that is a little steep but then again that is also my opinion.

Would I go back again?  I think I would, just to give it another chance and look around a bit more than the first visit.

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