Monday, December 17, 2012

$#@%^%$# mother board part 2

So now the deal with the mother board is totally over.  The computer got a virus and the computer crashed.  Everything is gone.  Can't get on the internet and will have to have it repaired yet again.  Not so much of a problem this time as I'm just going to have the update to Windows 7 that I got when I purchased the computer installed and turn it into a photography work station and not go on line with it anymore.  My older photography work station is no longer working so good as it is quite old and the programs on it aren't up to date with the new cameras that I have.

I believe that I'm going to wait until after Christmas to have the computer fixed.  I'll get the disc that is stuck in the drive removed also.  It has been stuck in there forever.  I burn a lot of back up discs so I guess I just over used it.  I will never get another computer with an internal DVD burner.  I'll always opt for the tray in the future.  At least I know how to get the disc out of that kind of device.

Travel smart travel safe.

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