Tuesday, October 30, 2012

World Wide Photo Walk 5 Downtown Phoenix

     This year I again participated in Scott Kelby's 5th World Wide Photo Walk.  I enjoy going on them.  Aside from being able to meet with other photographers in the area you can choose a location that you maybe wouldn't typically photograph.  Choosing to go on the downtown Phoenix walk put me in a position of being kind of out of my comfort zone.  I'm interested in urban landscape and architecture though I don't actually do much of that type of photography.  So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to challenge myself to go out and get myself involved in that type of photography.

      The photo walks present several different types of challenges and you can be forced into situations that you normally wouldn't take photos.  Our shoot was pretty early in the morning so I knew there would be some issues with shadows.  I also know that the Arizona sun can and does present many challenges all on its own.
     The thing about photo walks is that I now go to them with the mind set of being comfortable with myself as a photographer.  I'm not a great photographer then again I'm not really bad either, it is just I enjoy taking photos and there is always room for improvement. 
    It seemed a natural progression that if I were going to challenge myself why not go all in?  So this year I decided that I would go as light as possible.  On previous walks I've had two or three lenses with me plus a tripod.  This year I used my Canon 40D as my main camera with a Tamron 18-250 f-3.5-6.3 lens.  My back up camera was my Lumix G-3 with the 14-45 lens and the 45-200 lens.  All of this fit into my Lowe Sling pack.  I included a table top tripod and a Gorilla Pod with ball head, just in case.  Also just in case I had my GoPro Hero 2 with the tripod adapter attached.  I think my gear weighed less than ten pounds all together.
    I was pretty sure that most of my back up gear would stay in the bag just as I packed it unless there were an opportunity to maybe do some time lapse photos with the Hero 2.  That opportunity didn't arise.  I did have occasion to use the Lumix G-3 for a few photos.
Remember that it is important to have fun.
Be well take care.

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