Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Power Converter Tip

So I've made a couple trips to Europe in the last few years and I've always been concerned with being able to charge or recharge my equipment.  I've never been really happy with the cheap plug in converters as I seem to always have trouble with them overheating and then they don't charge the batteries.  For my AA batteries I bought a charger there.  It wasn't all that expensive and it did keep my batteries charged.

Here's the tip:
Check the power pack on whatever you plan on taking with you.  I've discovered recently that most of them are now dual current so basically all you need to get is the plug adapter for whatever country you are going to be in.

In hind sight I know realize that I really didn't have to purchase all those transformers I now have.  It is how we learn.  Now I have some back up equipment.

I think that because I used my computer mostly with the transformer that I didn't change the cycle setting in my lap top to match the European 50 cycles and that may have contributed to the transformer heating up.

Travel smart Travel safe.