Friday, April 20, 2012

1st ANGLICO Birthday Blurb book

 I finally got around to actually putting together all of the photos for the 1st ANGLICO Birthday event.  So here it is, warts and all.  Some photos are better than others, some photos were edited a little others were edited a lot.

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1st ANGLICO 61st Birthday video soundbites

Just thought I'd share this video of the ANGLICO 61st Birthday Celebration made by Cpl. Jennifer Pirante.  As one of the few Sailors present I was honored to have been interviewed for the occasion.

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wrh Thanks to Cpl.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st ANGLICO 61st Birthday

 I did take a few photos of the birthday party for 1st ANGLICO and here's proof that I did.  I felt honored to be there to celebrate this special occasion with these young Marines and Sailors.  These two Marines have no idea what this honor will mean to them later.  I'm sure they were proud to bring in the cake but this doesn't happen often and there are very few who get this honor.
I was happy to attend.  I could have taken more photos but there are occasions when the camera needs to be put away and join in the festivities.
It was good to meet these men and women.  The torch was truly well passed, these men have done well.
This is a photo of the cake  before it was wheeled in for the ceremony.  Not a great photo but sometimes the memory the photo inspires is more than sufficient to curse the dust in the room.

Semper Fi.
Fair winds and following seas.

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former Corpsman of Marines 1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1, 2nd ROK Marines Blue Dragon Brigade Quang Ngai Provence RVN 66-67.

Los Abrigados, Sedona Arizona a Review

I really like spending time in Sedona, Arizona.  My wife and I tend to spend our time there at Los Abrigados Resort.  I really like the location of the place as it is sort of centrally located to the places I like to visit when I'm there.
Here's the thing though.  The last couple times I've been there it seems as if there is a general opinion that the location is good enough.  The resort went through some changes in the past years, some good some not so.  I think this time I realized that here you are in a hotel basically where you rent a room.  It is a nice room by the way, except for the lumpy bed and really hard pillows.  Bring your own pillow if you can, there isn't much to do about the lumpy mattress.
I'm one of those that likes sleeping in the dark.  This isn't possible at Los Abrigados as the windows have some curtains to the side of the windows but the rest of the windows are covered by sheer fabric!  People walking by can see in no matter what room you happen to be in, except for the bathroom.  In the bedroom the security lights make the room almost as bright as if you have a light on.  You can watch people walking by and walking by other apartments it is possible to see in.
I think if you are like me the next time I go there I'll be taking a dark blanket and a few folder clips so I can hang it in front of the bedroom window while I'm sleeping.

Los Abrigados Resort also touts it has WLAN, wireless internet service.  The last couple times I've been there it has been pretty much nonexistent or the strength is so week it will take forever to receive email or send out any communication.  I asked about this and was told: "yes we don't seem to be able to get the strength of the signal improved, if you want a strong signal you should come to the lobby where the strength is excellent."  I probably could go to McDonald's also.  I think the person I spoke to thought I was a chimney because of the amount of smoke he was trying to blow up my behind.

Good location or not people will eventually be frustrated by these minor inconveniences and find a different place to stay.

Travel smart, Travel safe.