Saturday, March 3, 2012

ANGLICO Birthday 2012_03_01-02 thoughts

 This isn't in the usual theme of my posts it happens to be a bit more personnel.  So the following are some of my musings about going to the ANGLICO 61st Birthday celebration.

We are not trying m to recapture our youth. I feel that we have a rare and unique opportunity to glimpse at our legacy. The pride we had in our service is now re-enforced by seeing how well the torch was passes.
We share a common bond we have all done the same thing. Shared the same joys and sorrows endured the mind numbing exhaustion. Not something you'd wish on someone but having pride in surviving it.
Will the ability to prove our prowess at the local watering hole prove anything. Life experience has taught me that I may be able to keep up with the knocking back of drinks but somewhere in the back of my mind I'd be thinking of staying in the motel the next morning nursing the mother of all hangovers while the new breed goes about their business slightly the less for wear only proves that the torch has truly and deservedly been passed.
Yes we will be he butt of some jokes but we will have also given them a glimpse into their future for fifty years from now it will be them checking out how well they passed the torch.

It was a good two days.  These men are top notch.

Semper Fi

Travel safe Travel smart.

Friday, March 2, 2012

ANGLICO 61st Bday update 2012_03_02

Well the time with the new ANGLICO team is passed.  I had a great time seeing some of the people I served with many years ago.  Some  members I've been in touch with for years but haven't met.
I am happy to say that those that now carry the torch are doing a very good job.
They have yet to fully understand what a unique experience it is to serve with ANGLICO but when I was their age I didn't understand it either.
I am happy to see that there are more Corpsmen serving with ANGLICO.  When I was with them in 67 I was the only one there.
These young Marines made every effort to make sure that we were well taken care of.  Great pains were made to insure that our time with them was enjoyable.  I think we are indebted to them.
One of the Marines told me at the end of the day that when he heard us older ANGLICANS would be attending he wasn't to pleased.  He said it only took an hour or two to realize that we were walking Marine Corps history.  Two men served on Iwo Jima, two from Korea.  What they had heard about was now walking amongst them.  Our stories were similar to theirs just different eras.
Many hands were shook and lots of OOhhraaghs were raised in loud strong voices.
I took a few photos and had a very good time.
I didn't bring my camera to the bar as some things are better left unrecorded.
It has been an enjoyable journey.

Travel save, travel smart