Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st ANGLICO 61st Birthday

I have the honor to be able to attend 1st ANGLICO's 61st Birthday.  I will also be allowed to bring my camera gear along. Sweet!!!  Should be fun to see how the 'New Breed' does their thing.  These young men have been doing a great job in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately with some casualties.
I had the honor of serving with 1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1 2nd ROK Marines Blue Dragon Brigade in Quang Ngai Provence in 1967.  Met some great people, good memories and not so great.
I'm already getting things together and thinking about what I need to bring.
As a Squid I expect to get a little ribbing for not being a true "Marine" but it is all of the process.
It will be an honor to meet with these new warriors.  I'm happy to have the privilege to meet them along with some of my old comrades.
Semper Fi.
Fair winds and following seas.
Travel safe, travel smart.

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