Monday, January 30, 2012

Vest Photos Updated

 It has been awhile since I've updated photos of my vest.  I'd have to say that it is pretty much done as I've just about run out of room to put any more patches.  I said almost.  There may be something really worthwhile to put on there still.
There isn't much on the front because it has pockets and I don't want to sew them shut.
It doesn't look like it but it doubles as a photo vest.  I have so much camera gear stuffed into the pockets you'd be surprised what's in there.
I support the Patriot Guard and attend funerals wearing this vest.
I suppose it is part of my gear or my image.  When I'm out taking photos people remember me because of this vest and I wear a boonie cover along with a knee pad which is usually on my right knee.  I know I'm going to get down low eventually when I take photos so I wear the pad so I don't have to look down to see what I might be kneeling on.  It didn't take me long to figure out that the knee pad was a good idea.  I usually only use the one so I have one in my car and one on my camera bag.  Either way I know where one is when I go out to take photos.

The khaki colored patch on the front was my rank.  I was a Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class E-4.  I wore that rank on my uniform.  So it's been around since '67, it is showing a little age.  I wear two unit patches also on the front.  7th COMM Battalion was my parent unit although I didn't actually spend much time with them.  I spent 7 months with 1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1 with the 2nd Republic of Korea Marines, Chung Jung or Blue Dragon Brigade.  There are some mission complete pins from the PGR.  I have also one pin that I've had about forty years.  You can sort of see it to the left of the 1 on the front of the vest.  It is a duck holding a sign that says Quack.  It is an inside joke for me.  On the bottom back you can make out a patch that says Li'l Bamboo which is a name I was called by the Vietnamese.  I worked with another Corpsman doing Civic Action Duty in a ville outside of our compound.  They already called him Bamboo because he was tall.  I was a bit shorter than him so I became Li'l Bamboo.  For me the best nickname ever.  The Marines called all Corpsmen 'Doc' it was also another hard earned title.  I am forever grateful to my Marines for keeping this then skinny Corpsman safe.
Semper Fi.  Fair winds and following seas.
Travel smart, travel safe.

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