Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good bye to my truck after 26 years

Well after 26 years of owning my truck I finally sold it off.  There were some really good memories made having that truck.  It was an 86 Toyota long bed Pick Up truck that I purchased in December of 1985.  I equipped it a Snug Top Camper shell and what was called then a blanket kit which was sort of like a bed and storage box arrangement.  I put some 1500 lb overload springs on the leaf spring to help counter the lever and fulcrum effect of putting weight in the back.
This arrangement served me well as I spent many a night sleeping in the back of that truck.  I used it in many surfing excursions and it served me when I did handyman work for several years.
After moving to Arizona and getting married the truck was relegated mostly to getting me back and forth to work.  It was to small to take my growing family.
In its last incarnation I used it for work and hauling my portable studio set up around.  The issue of the small cab was still there as three grown people in the cab was sort of crowded.  I could get lots of gear into the back of that truck.
Both of my sons and my wife on occasion used that truck.

So 172308/3 original miles she is now in the hands of someone else.
She was a very good truck and served me faithfully over the years.  Funny thing is that I mostly only had trouble with the radios.  I replaced it three times and the last radio needed to be replaced because while it would play the volume was stuck and the CD player no longer worked.
Travel smart, travel safe.

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