Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vacation Home Kachel

 I found some photos of the Vacation House Kachel where we stayed when we visited Bacharach.  This was a really nice house.  Actually more than the two of us needed but it worked out well.  Mrs. Kachel was very helpful with us and very friendly.  If she asks you if you want to be picked up from the train station say yes.  There is a phone booth at the train station you can call her from or use your Handy, cell phone.  Europe uses Zero like we use One so make sure you dial the zero first.  The house is not really far from the train station.  Mrs. Kachel will tell you that it is 2000 meters.  It is also uphill all the way.  If you drive there and use the parking directions then the house is just past the restaurant.  Ring the bell at the bottom of the drive if she isn't there to great you.
  This is the living room from the entrance hall.  The couch makes up into a bed.  There is also a T.V. and radio in this room as well as tourist info, cards and a guest book.
 The door on the left takes you into one of the bed rooms.  The bed takes up most of the room but there is plenty of storage in the closets and chest of drawers.  If you are just sleeping like I did then it is a good room.

 This is the entrance hall, to the left is the living room and one bed room, to the right are another bedroom which is to the front of the house.  This is the way to the kitchen which is well appointed with large refrigerator, oven, microwave oven and coffee maker.  There are plenty of dishes and cutlery.

This is the view from the front door.  You can follow the road up and into the wine fields.  I would say about a twenty minute walk mostly uphill but there are a couple tables and benches.  If you walk a little farther you will find a very comfortable overlook with benches and a great view of the town and the Rhine.

 This is the bathroom shower and sink.  You get here by going through the kitchen.
 This is the toilet.
 I took this photo in front of the apartment.  This is toward the town of Steeg.  This road is the main road from Bacharach, which is the other direction than what you see in this photo.

 There are two beds in the front bed room, a queen sized bed in the bedroom off of the living room and the couch pulls out.  So in theory you could sleep six people in the apartment.  I'll tell you right now that the kitchen and bathroom would be pretty busy but the rent is good.  We never did try the restaurant next door but we could see the kitchen from our kitchen.  It seemed busy.  There are several places to eat along this road.  We ate mostly in choosing to use the kitchen more than going out for dinner.  We did go out on several occasions but just never in Bacharach.  Next time for sure.

This is wine country so also along this road there are several vineyards that have bottles for sale on an honor system, or you can go up to the door and sample wines.  I myself aren't much of a wine drinker but I did enjoy the wines I tried from this area.  Several of the vineyards ship internationally also.

I would have to say that the experience I had with the landlady here set the tone for our vacation.  We spent a pleasurable two weeks here because of her.

Take care be well.


if you would like further information here is a link.  Ingrid speaks English very well.

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