Sunday, December 4, 2011

St. Peter's Church Bacharach am Rhein

Located on the southwest corner of Blücherstraße and Oberstraße / Koblenzer Str.  This north south road changes names several times in just a few blocks and is just off of the main road that runs along the Rhine.  You can visit the church pretty much any time during the day.  The main floor is open and there are ropes across the stairs to prevent you from climbing up to the mezzanine.
If you were walking north from the train station this is just past the Posthof which contains the tourist info canter for Bacharach.  Also if you are interested in visiting Werner Kapelle you will use the same path / sidewalk to get to St. Peter's Church.
I found it to be an interesting church.  This was probably because Ingrid from  took us on a small tour of Bacharach and shared several interesting details about this church and the town itself.

When the church underwent renovations three paintings were discovered  inside of the walls.  No one knows for sure why they were there but they were returned to their place inside the wall when the renovation was completed.  The paintings that are displayed are copies of the originals.  The faces of the figures had not been completed.

Exterior view of church

 This photo shows in a bit more detail the three paintings behind the alter.
Here are some of the interior details of the church.

Remember the worst photo ever is the one not taken.

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