Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shutter Failed Canon 40D Update

 Because the shutter failed on my 40D didn't shake my confidence in Canon Camera Equipment.  Equipment is bound to fail.  It is just the law of averages catching up.  I was a teenager when I got my first Canon Camera.  It was a 35mm rangefinder and I took lots of photos with it.

It has been a while since the shutter failed on my Canon 40D.  I think I got away pretty lucky.  When I bought the camera I didn't get the extended warranty which would have cost me $350 USD.  I took my camera to the local repair shop and for a $220 shipping and repair cost. So that still puts me over $100 ahead by my calculations because I didn't spend the money for the extended warranty.  I got my camera back much sooner than I expected with a new shutter and zero actuations.
In defense of the camera I'd like to point out that I put that 40D through some extreme conditions and it functioned well over all.  I went out and about with that camera almost daily for three months in very cold, wet conditions  and I thought I was protecting it pretty good from the temperature changes when I left or entered the house.  I would leave it in my camera bag when we returned to our room thinking that would make it warm up slowly and not get the condensation build up from the temperature change. I did go out one night taking photos when the temp was -17C.  The shutter acted a bit strange then but I thought it was from the cold.  There is no way to protect a camera exposed to that extreme temperature.

I've been shooting Canon cameras since the 60's.  I had one in Vietnam and the shutter failed.  Hmmm, maybe a pattern here.  I shot that camera instead of getting it repaired.  Again extreme weather conditions played a part in the shutter failure.

I'm not really big on those extended warranties.  I trust the Canon name and buying the extended warranty is sort of like saying I don't believe in the product.  Then again I really can't lay out another $3000 USD for another camera if something were to happen after the original warranty.  I didn't get the extended warranty for my 40D nor did I get it for the 5D mk II when I purchased it.

To be honest I went through some major withdrawal symptoms without a dSLR around so I upgraded to a Canon 5D mkii.  Which I really like a lot!

I'm still using my 40D to this day.  I don't think of it as my back up camera.  In fact I have more glass for this camera than the 5D II.  So for me the decision on which camera I take out is based on what I'm actually going to be photographing.  I take both some days simply so I don't have to change lenses.  I so hate cleaning sensors.

Take care be well.

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