Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rothenburg ob der Tauber a town to Savor slowly

I have been three times to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  I have many fond memories of the town.   I fell in love with the town the first time I was there.  That’s why I keep going back again and again.  Every time I go there I notice something I didn’t see before.  You can visit Rothenburg in a couple hours and see a lot of very interesting things.  I would suggest that Rothenburg is a town to be savored at a slow pace.  Spend a couple days there and be there overnight.

For a small town it offers many worthwhile things to see aside from the old buildings and cobblestone streets.  There are five churches in Rothenburg also it has five great quality museums.  It has a vineyard, a very interesting double bridge and then of course there is the mayor’s house Toppler’s Haus that is maybe a half hour walk through a small forest and across a wonderful covered bridge that crosses the Tauber.

What I like most about the town is that it is close.  You can walk from one of the town to the other in a matter of minutes.  I leisurely stroll of about an hour will take you most of the way around the city.  It is not possible find something not interesting to look at in this town.  Although about half of the town was destroyed during War 2 it was authentically rebuilt to its pre war days.

This town is geared towards tourism.  The people there are accustomed to tourists.  The people in shops speak several languages, usually.  This is a place where shop people will say, “We don’t have that here in this store but if you go down this street to this other store they carry that there.”

The town is on the Romantic Road so during the day the town is in visited by wave after wave of tour buses.  There are several favorite places these tourists flock towards.  Usually they visit Kathe Wolfahrt stores and their famous Christmas Museum, the Criminal Museum and St. Jakob’s Church.

I spent two weeks in Rothenburg during one of the worst winters in decades. While the storms raged we were snug in our apartment.  I believe that there was only one day that we didn’t go out because it was too cold at somewhere around -17C.  Being in the cold was just part of our experience and it just whetted my appetite to spend more time in the town although perhaps not again in the winter.  Although I would not hesitate to stay there in winter if the opportunity arose again.

I rented an apartment along the wall of the city.   The landlord was great and helpful.  We were picked up from the train station and taken back when it was time to leave.  They also provided us with access to some of the local life by taking us to a meeting of a club that sung Franken songs.  Naturally food and drink was part of the package.

We were able to savor the town this way.  Stopping at the local bakery frequently and the green grocer got us familiar with the local people.  Naturally the more we visited the friendlier the locals became.

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