Thursday, December 15, 2011

PT-309 Fredericksburg Texas

If you visit the National Museum of the Pacific War then you really should take the time to visit The Pacific Combat Zone.  While you visit this part you will be shown PT-309 which is the only PT Boat still around that actually served in combat during War II.  This is a guided tour that begins on the hour so you need to arrive there before the hour.  I had seen a documentary about the refurbishing of this boat so for me it all came together while I was viewing it. 
I found our tour guide friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment and displays even though she was in her twenties.  To me that meant she had taken the time to learn about the time and equipment.

One view will show you what the PT-309 display looks like at the Museum.  While you aren’t allowed on the boat itself you can see pretty much the living conditions of the men who served aboard.  If you check out the tours be sure to click on the ‘+’ sign when you see them as these will give you a bit more info about what you are seeing.
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  1. ~ thanks for posting this article on PT 309 a part of history that had " the greatest generation " serving aboard ... including my dad Quartermaster John W. Hughes ~~ for more pictures and info please visit " PT BOAT 309 " on facebook and sign aboard .