Monday, December 5, 2011

Post Hof Bacharach

gates closed
 The Post Hof in Bacharach is the location of the tourist office.  During my visit to Bacharach I did visit the tourist office once.  The people there were friendly and helpful.  The Post Hof is next to St. Peter’s church on the north south road that runs through Bacharach.
In the summer there are tables set up and people gather here.  I liked the buildings around the courtyard.  I was told that the staircase was built out of a single tree.  Even if it wasn’t it is still a very nice stairway.
If you get the opportunity to visit Bacharach spend a few minutes in the Post Hof you’ll be glad you did.

This is the stair case I find interesting.

Here is a view from on top of the stairs

View from under stairs

Strangely enough that building does lean to the right.
From the rear of the courtyard.  The staircase is on the left, the leaning tower is on the right and the gates are in the center.  The tourist office door is near the gates on the left in this photo.

Take care be well.

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