Thursday, December 15, 2011

National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg, Texas

I researched this town because of its German heritage.  Yes, I was wondering myself about what is a National Museum of the Pacific War doing in the middle of Texas. It turns out that Admiral Nimitz is a favorite son of the town of Fredericksburg.  This museum and town are little gems in a suburb of San Antonio.  If you visit San Antonio you should take the time to make the trip here.  Along with everything else you'll find that this area also produces some interesting wines.

George H. W. Bush Gallery Museum
You’ll need to plan a lot of time to visit if you are a Pacific War History buff.  The National Museum of the Pacific War is comprised of three separate museum facilities for one price.  The ticket is good for 24 hours.  Ask when you purchase the tickets to be sure of when you can use them.  The George H.W. Bush Gallery is a large display going through the entire Pacific War.  It is interesting to visit.  While the tour is self guided you are sort of herded through the phases of the war by timed doors.  In some areas you are almost held captive by the dimming of lights to present a documentary film about the progression of the events in this era.  I myself have difficulty with not being able to see well in the dark.  There is also a lack of seating areas to rest while these documentaries play out.

That being pretty much the only complaint about this part of the museum.  It is very much worth the price and the time to view.  I spent the better part of the day visiting the George Bush Gallery and the Pacific Combat Zone.  I didn’t stop at the Nimitz House other than to view it from the outside.

There is a nice gift shop at the end of the tour if you are interested.  You’ll find a large selection of books and art work as you’d imagine along with the standard fare of clothing and bags.  Purchasing some items helps with the upkeep of the museum.

If you plan to visit this part of Texas I’d highly recommend that you plan a couple days time here to visit.  The town has lots to offer.  It has also a large German heritage and is known for its Oktoberfest.  The streets are lined with some very interesting shops where you can find some very unique Texas Charm items as well as objects from the “Old Country” if you were looking for them.

Take care be well.

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