Monday, December 5, 2011

Malerwinkel Bacharach

If you get the opportunity to visit Bacharach am Rhein then you should take a stroll up Blücherstr.  This is where many artists come to paint the half timbered houses and part of the wall that remains below Burg Stahleck.  This walk will take you maybe twenty minutes or so and it is all uphill, but isn't a bad walk.  Just be careful if you walk through the town wall as it is quite narrow.  Listen for cars coming from the other side as the road is quite narrow.  Like there is no sidewalk because there isn't enough room.  There is another path from Bacharach but you will have to pay attention to the signs on the side of the house as it is easily missed.  This path is near Hotel Gelber Hof.  You can't miss the hotel because it is painted yellow.  Mahlerwinkel has a stream that runs through it and the area itself is very nice.
There is also a Pension / Gasthaus  as you pass through the wall.  I didn't stay at the hotel but it has a large parking lot.
Our land lady recommended a restaurant further up the hill. this is also a Gasthaus.  The food is good and is where the locals eat from time to time.

Mahlerwinkel facing east or towards Bacharach.  I stood on a small bridge to get this photo.  If you are adventurous you will find a path that will take you to Burg Stahleck from here.  I must warn you that this will be a climb.  There are stairs in some places and for the more adventurous no stairs just a path up hill.

Mahlerwinkel facing the direction of  town of Steeg,  west.

 This is the Pension / Gasthaus Im Mahlerwinkel.  You can just see the path that leads into Mahlerwinkel on the left side of the photo.  I didn't stay at this hotel so I can't recommend it.  It does have a rather large parking lot with pretty easy access to Blücherstr if you are driving.

Be well take care.

Map for malerwinkel bacharach

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