Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Music Instrument Museum, Phoenix

Phoenix has its own Music Instrument Museum.  So far I’ve only been there one time but I really enjoyed myself.  Included in the admission price is a headset you wear to listen to the instruments being played as you view the different exhibits.  You just need to stand in front of the instrument and it will play a sampling of selected music typically four different pieces.

The headset is practical for listening to instruments.  It does sometimes cause slight mishaps with other visitors as the volume is such that it tends to drown out approaching people.

The range and variety of instruments is very impressive.  The instruments are broken down into country groups in different halls.  This makes it easier to locate a particular type of instrument or country.

Taking of photos is allowed so if you wish bring your camera.

Parking is ample and free.

It can be a bit noisy as the floors are mostly wood or marble.

There is a very interesting display of mechanical bands.  These mechanical bands can be rather large and very intricate.

The Museum also hosts a variety music concerts.  I have yet to go but some of them seem rather interesting.

I did enjoy my first visit there.  The staff was pleasant and helpful.  I’ll visit again.

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