Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Essential clothes to pack for a Vacation Part I planning

Part I packing clothes for less than and up to a week

Before I begin to pack for a trip I go through a mental list of things before I begin to pack.  We have some luggage that we bought a while back.  It is a matched set so there were several sized bags.  We could just about get the whole house into those bags.  Since then I’ve radically modified how and what I bring along on a trip.   I will vary my method of packing by what I figure out.  I’m just going to talk about clothes that are good to have available when traveling.  Whatever clothes you bring should be comfortable no matter method you are traveling.   Some of the things I think about are:

How long will I be gone? Weekend/ Less than a week/ two weeks/ longer than two weeks
Where am I going?  Visiting Family/ vacation trip/ Local / International
How am I traveling? Plane/ driving/
How much should I bring with me? I’ll typically pack enough clothes to last me about a week.  If I’m vacationing I don’t pack t-shirts.  I figure I’ll be buying some local t-shirts so I don’t need to pack any.

I have a core of basic clothes that I always take and they are;

Socks and uns
Shaving kit
Shirt with a collar plain white t-shirt
Rain Resistant wind breaker
Sweater or heavy flannel shirt

This small selection of clothes allows for several different contingencies.  I am a layer kind of guy so I either add or subtract as needed.  It doesn’t matter if I travel in summer I always bring something for inclement weather.  I remember the quote from Mark Twain: “The coldest day I ever knew was a summer night in San Francisco.”

I typically travel in jeans and t-shirt.  What I’m wearing on my feet will depend on if I’m traveling by car or plane.  If I’m traveling by car then I’ll wear comfortable shoes.  If I’m traveling by plane then I’ll wear a pair of house slippers to make it easier to get through the security check.

If I’m going to visit family and be gone for a few days then I’m not really overly concerned about how and what I pack.  If I’m driving I might just throw some clothes into a shopping bag along with my shaving kit and call it done.  If I’m flying I’ll put my clothes into a small suitcase, preferably one I can carry onto the plane.  That way I don’t have to worry about baggage claim when I get there.

If you are going to be traveling for more than a week you’ll need to think about doing laundry.  Hotel laundry services, while they can be convenient, are very expensive.

Next Part II
Packing clothes that will make you blend with the locals.

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