Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Steins New Mexico a Railroad Ghost town

My sister and I have noticed this town as we travel through New Mexico.  We finally managed to stop and take a look.
It is an interesting looking town but currently it appears that it is in renovation and scheduled to open again in May of 2012.  I tried to use the new web site address but it did not work.  According to a comment posted on the link below it may be closed permanently which would be a sad thing.

This town is located on the western side of New Mexico at the mile post 3 off ramp.  There isn't much in the area as far as population goes.  I think when I finally got to visit here I was sort of disappointed by the fact it was closed and just took a couple snaps.  That and I was on the way home and I didn't really have lots of time to look over a fence.  Maybe had the place been open I would have spent more time looking around.  The fence sort of keeps you at a distance so unless you have a really long lens it might be difficult to get photos.

Having said that I would take the opportunity to go back and check it out when I pass by again.  I tend to stay over night in the area when I travel so yes I would go back again.
This obviously is the mercantile and you can see the fence.

These two photos I took from the west on ramp.  The time of day made the lighting terrible.

This is the Mercantile from the side and from the on ramp.

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