Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Packing a night light

 This past trip I was on I found that hotels try and provide some kind of night light by adding a light onto the hair dryer.  Strange thing though is that during the wee hours of the morning these things are like mad telegraph operators blinking in some weird sequence but not providing light to see.
Traveling in Germany I had the power converter that had a light on it that provided all the light I needed to see in the hotel room when it was dark.  So I knew I had a light source but it never really dawned on me that I did.  It was just there.  I do carry a flashlight or two with me as I have an issue with night blindness.  I use those small LED Flashlights that have one red LED cell which comes in handy if you are traveling with someone and don't want to wake them up.  But flashlights will not really function as night lights as they tend to be pretty bright and the batteries won't last.
Then unpacking my computer from my computer bag one night I found that had packed an Enercell battery charger with a built in night light that I picked up from Radio Shack. Model SA 004 Catalog # 23-787.  It not only provided enough light to walk around the dark room but when necessary I was able to charge my AA and AAA batteries when I needed.  This charger also will charge non Radio Shack Batteries.
I unplugged that pesky hair dryer and replaced it with my battery charger / night light.  This allowed me to unplug it when it was no longer needed in the morning.  And as it was part of my photo gear I knew exactly where it was all the time.
So to help in those dark hotel/motel rooms bring a night light along.

this is the Enercell battery charger with night light from Radio Shack.

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