Monday, October 3, 2011

La Quinta, Big Spring Texas a review

If I were to be giving out stars to evaluate my stay at La Quinta in Big Spring, Texas I'm afraid I'd not be giving them any, or maybe a half star out of five.  For what it is worth I'd not recommend staying at the La Quinta in Big Spring Texas.  The front desk staff is friendly but the other services are really terrible.  Two days in a row we put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on our door and both days the room was cleaned.  I know it doesn't seem something to complain about but the sign was up to keep people out.  The sign was also removed from the door and we got a different on from the front desk. The kind that fits in the card slot.  The second day we went out after breakfast for a short time and when we got back the maid was at our room with the door open and cleaning it again.  I asked her if she saw the "Do Not Disturb" sign in the key slot and she said she didn't.  When we got into the room the sign was hanging on the handle on the inside.  We had to ask for towels.  The soap and coffee was missing also.  The maid also turned on the a/c so that it wouldn't shut off.  The room got really cold before we realized that the controls had been tampered with.  Also after the maid left the receiver connection to the body of the phone was unplugged.

If you are not familiar with this hotel it is a pet friendly hotel.  There are lots of dogs in the hotel.  I only mention this because I am allergic to dogs and didn't know until after I checked in the first time.

The hotel offers a breakfast as part of your stay.  It isn't much of a breakfast, as the choices are rather slim and not particularly healthy.  The person responsible for keeping the breakfast area supplied with coffee, orange juice or any other thing apparently had other duties as the trash cans were filled to overflowing, the tables were not wiped down.  Our final morning there for breakfast the coffee was cold and bitter.  There was no salt or pepper.  No bagels.  The place wasn't really clean.  The dining area had roaches on the floor dying.  The dining area faces east so in the morning when you are eating breakfast the sun shines into the room which is kind of nice except there is no way to block the sun light.  I know it is a trivial detail, except when you try to eat and are facing the sun.

Just to make it interesting the bar to the west plays loud music until closing on the week-ends.

The over all experience was not good.  I won't be staying there again if I'm in town.  I've had some not good experiences with the La Quinta chain before and overall I'm pretty sure that they will be on the bottom of my list for places to stay.

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