Saturday, October 8, 2011

Know when to say when

I'm on this sort of remembrance trip.  We've been traveling about eleven days and it has been a good trip.  I've just got to remember that I'm not as young as I once was.  I'm also recovering from cancer.  I've just started to get my stamina back and it feels good.  My problem is that I am trying to do to much.  It isn't all that hard to do more than your are use to when you are visiting places that are new and full of many interesting things and people.  Small towns can sometimes surprise you by what they have to offer.

So here is the thing I'm re-learning.  Take the time to enjoy your trip.  Know when you've had enough and go back to the hotel or find a hotel if you don't have one.  My sister and I have developed this method of traveling where we visit places and when we start getting tired we head back to the hotel.  We've got some pretty good local wine and we have a glass on occasion.  We also manage to have some light meals.  We don't need to eat out every night.  Most hotels have breakfast and then we snack and have something light in the evening.  Most hotels now have also micro wave ovens and small refrigerators in the room so you can bring your own stuff.  We've found that the local dollar store has much of what we like so it helps us have some extra spending money at the end of the day.

We've traveled over 2000 miles in eleven days and we have still about four hundred miles or so before we get home.  If you can take the extra time every now and then just to rest up before you drive or visit that next interesting local spot.  You may be there hours longer than you planned.  So when you start feeling fatigued stop and sit down.  Get some energy back.  Be safe.

We had planned to visit the Alamo while we were in San Antonio but by the time we started to head there it was two in the afternoon and we were miles away and the traffic on the freeway was already pretty packed.  We decided that it wasn't worth the time to fight traffic just to spend a couple minutes in front of the Alamo.  We've seen it before.  It would be more interesting to have plenty of time to leisurely stroll about the grounds and actually take the time to 'see' it.

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