Friday, October 7, 2011

Forgot my own advice about souvenirs

I made a stop in Roswell New Mexico a while back.  It was a bit different than I thought it would be.  There weren't green men on every corner nor was it overly done.  Just a regular town with a different history.

I did stop at the Alien Museum and took the tour which was pretty interesting.  I also stopped by the gift shop on my way out.  I found a t-shirt that had potential and for some reason I put it back.  I'm not sure why I did that but later that night and far away from Roswell I discovered that I did not purchase that t-shirt.  Silly me.  So I didn't follow my own advice and take the t-shirt with me to the counter.  I could have decided at the last minute that I didn't want the shirt but I got side tracked and didn't have it with me to even try.  So now I'm out a souvenir that I was going to use as a gift.

So I guess I need to try and follow my own advice a bit more.  So I guess the modification to my souvenir buying tip is if you see something interesting carry it around with you.  I still think you should buy any souvenir that you find interesting.  It may come back to haunt you just like it did me.

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