Friday, October 7, 2011

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum, Deming NM

 I went to this smallish museum in Deming, New Mexico.  It seems to be a really nice Gem of a place in Deming.  It is a donation and volunteer run museum with a small gift shop.  The building is full of small display areas that are just crammed full of all sorts of history.  It won't matter what history you are into you'll find almost all of it here in this museum.  This covers past history, geodes, a lot of the wars the US has been in.  There is a room devoted to WW II where a large portion of the prisoners of Bataan were from New Mexico something I didn't know.
I was very impressed with this museum.  You'll need a lot of time to check out this little wonder.  It is worth your time.

 There is a Veteran Park outside the museum and these are some of the displays.
 The art room or hall.
 This is a really fancy steamer trunk.  There is a detail of the painting in the next photo. 

 This is pretty scary looking but if you wanted your hair to have curls then this was the go to thing at one time.  YIKES!!!
 My Grandma used one of these things and it was always fascinating to me  how she kept everything in her head with all the wires and connections going on.
Milk and Cookies.  I like the refrigerator in the background.

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