Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4th World Wide Photowalk

I will be missing this year's Photo Walk.  I was happy to participate in the first three as it got me to parts of the city that I don't normally go.  I met some wonderful people and managed to get a good photo or two.  Sort of sad that I can't make it this year.  I'll be posting updates later.  Hope everyone has a good time on the walk this year.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

World Wide Photo Walk

I did my second World Wide Photo Walk in old town Scottsdale on Saturday. It was fun going there. I'll have to make a return trip there. Lots of interesting things to see and photograph. We did encounter a bit of a dust storm so that sort of ended the shoot a little earlier than expected.
This is part of a wind mobile. It was very small and I was very close with the sun directly behind. Sort of a prism affect as this really wasn't the true color. I like it none the less.

Temp was 115 so it made it pretty interesting walking around even in the late afternoon and evening. Nobody was being fooled by this Christmas scene in that heat.

Travel, Packing / weight tips

I have grown up in America. When I travel I tend to pack like an American which means I bring way more stuff than I really need. Since the 9/11 and new security precautions things are a bit more difficult.
When packing for a trip outside the USA aside from probably encountering electrical issues and the need for getting the proper converters. That is something that can't be avoided but can be planned wisely. I've said this before before you go out and buy one of those converters check to see if your power supply is rated for dual voltage. If it is then all you need is the appropriate adapter plug.
Now that most airlines charge for the extra suitcase or weight then there are ways of getting around those expenses sort of. On my last trip I decided that I wouldn't pack any liquid items. I didn't take anything buy my razor and toothbrush and tooth paste. I didn't bring my usual shaving lather. Soap, shampoo, rinse and those items can be purchased at your destination if you are traveling to a well populated area.
Depending on the time of year that you are going to travel you can choose what you'll need. If you are traveling in the summer then you can take a pair of sandals or footwear that doesn't require socks.
I tend not to pack any more shirts than I need. If I'm traveling and it takes me the flight over then I pack two extra shirts aside from the one I'm wearing. I make sure that they are old shirts, ones I'm not interested in keeping. I know I'm going to buy shirts as souvenirs so why pack extra? I'll leave the old ones and I won't be adding any extra weight to my suitcase on my return home.

Phoenix Public Market

Spent part of the morning at Phoenix Public Market. This located on the south east corner of Central and E. McKinley St. It was the first time I had ever been there and it was interesting. It featured many different vendors from food to jewelry. Typically hot and a bit hectic. There were several portable coolers to help keep the heat sort of at bay. The area is covered so it and smallish but lott of things to see. All of the people there were very friendly and it was a nice atmosphere. As usual I took to much gear I ended up using my Tokina 100mm AT-X Pro F-2.8 macro lens mostly as the space is pretty close. I've not had much chance to use that lens and I'd forgotten how much I really like it for its versatility. It is just a bit to long for this closed in space but great for getting all those very interesting patterns and designs. I shot with the ISO set at 400 to help with the shadows. I had the W/B set to shade and brought back the lightness in Lightroom. I was there for about an hour and a half so when I left I was pretty much ready to leave. I took a liter of water and it was almost gone by the time I left. I had my large backpack on and when I left my back was pretty well soaked.

Here are some tomatoes that I played with trying to use the red and green colors to bring about some texture

Here is some detail of an ear ring vendor's work

Another ear ring detail.

Reichsstadtmuseum Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg is one of the most visited towns in Germany along the romantic road. Many people visit for a couple hours on bus tours. It is possible to get a tiny overview of the town in a couple hours. It is small and it is possible to cover most of the points of interest in a few minutes. Many people get off the tour bus and head straight for the gift shops. Rothenburg is a town that lives on the tourist trade and there seems to be a mix of everything you could want to be found along the main drag to the town square. You can find food, clothes, wood carvings, art work, wines and just about anything you can imagine. And within that mix are many hotels so you can stay a few days if you choose.
I stayed three weeks in Rothenburg and spent many pleasant days, even in the worst winter in decades, walking around the town. The old town holds five churches and five museums.
The Reichsstadtmuseum just a couple of blocks away from the town square has a lot of very interesting history artifacts about the town of Rothenburg and surrounding area. The museum is not on the main drag but if you have the time it is a place that should be visited.

To get to the Reichsstadtmuseum from the market square, with the Court House, Rathaus on your left side facing the clock there is an opening between the buildings that you walk through bear a little left then through the parking lot. St Jakobs church will be right in front of you. When you get to the street turn left and follow that street to the end of the church and then turn right. You’ll walk under the church as it forms an arch over the roadway. Walk two blocks and then turn again left past the houses and you’ll find yourself in a large parking lot on the right is the museum and the main entrance.
The museum at one time was a convent there are some well preserved rooms to indicate how the nuns lived at that time.  Be sure to check out their rooms and the kitchen.
This is a self guided tour and you can go at your own pace. If you are time limited use the self guide pamphlet and map to go directly to what interests you most.    When you walk away from the ticket counter turn left and in the hallway on the ground floor there is a video history of the town in several languages.  Press the button in your choice of languages to hear about the town.
I visited the museum in the winter and had to keep my jacket on while I toured. This seems to be the common practices as far as museums go. I’m pretty sure the cost of heating these large buildings can really dig into the operating expenses so just be forewarned.
If you wish to take photos you will be charged extra for the privilege and asked to sign a form that states you won’t use your photos commercially.