Thursday, June 9, 2011

Window Shopping Sedona Arizona

I spent a few days in Sedona recently. I enjoy going up there from time to time. My wife and I spent our honeymoon up there. I really enjoy being up in that area of Arizona. In Sedona there are trees and Oak Creek Canyon which is way different that being in Phoenix. This is a place that can put you into photo input overload. So if you are planning a trip here to take some photos then make sure you plan to stay several days here. This is also one of those places you really have to make yourself slow down and enjoy what is around you.

The thing I like to do is walk around early in the morning with my camera and tripod. That way I can get some tourist free photos of the places I like to meander around at. I like the many art and craft stores around in the area. There is always a great deal of window shopping to do. Old town is a bit hectic but is also a must if you are up in the area. You can meet people from all over the world in that one small space.

I have the advantage of living pretty close so I can plan on what type of photo I'm going to take. I tend to make sure that I have my P&S with me when I go simply because it has incredible macro capabilities and there are a lot of macro photo possibilities here. My P&S also has HD movie capability and there is always a sound bite to capture anywhere you go. Oak Creek runs through Sedona so this is one place in Arizona where you can capture the sound of running water. I tend to pack my widest lens because of the great landscape possibilities. The thing is to enjoy what you find in Sedona as anywhere.

I enjoy going around the Tlaquepaque as it has sort of a old mission feel to it as well as having a slight Mediterranean feel to it as well. It is full of trees and fountains and has some very interesting stores to window shop. The windows have also very nice patterns and colours so that is an added plus. So if you get the opportunity to visit Sedona it isn't a place that one should just rush though in a couple hours. This area of Arizona is filled with much history and many beautiful sights.

So bring your camera and be prepared to save yourself some very wonderful memories of the town of Sedona. The locals are friendly and the atmosphere is just delightful.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Been Away

I've not been putting up any posts for awhile. I'm working on some stuff now that hopefully will be ready to go up soon.
I've been a little sick. Therapy was easy but the effects on my body were a bit harder than expected. The doctor said it may take a few months to get my strength back. Hopefully it won't be several months. I'm feeling better, sometimes. I'm surprised at how quickly my energy goes away.

Update 2011.12.19

I haven't gained as much stamina back as I had hoped I would.  My body has done some changes and I need to adjust to those changes as well.  It hasn't been all that fun.  My traveling and photography sessions have suffered.
That being said I am surviving and hope that I'll be able to get back some stamina in the near future.

Take care be well.