Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona

I had the opportunity to go to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument while on a Jeep Club trip to The Devil’s Highway. I’ll cover the Devil’s Highway in a different piece. I’ll just say that the drive through the Devil’s Highway or El Camino del Diablo is an interesting and hazardous trip.

This was one of those you get what you get type of trips for me as an amateur photographer. This wasn’t a long trip for us but we tend to meander a bit so we arrived at the park about noon or so. I realize this was not an optimal time for good photography but again this was not a photography based trip. I was happy to have had the opportunity to visit the park.

This area is a mining are mines and tailings pretty much everywhere. The town of Ajo is close as is the town of Why.

The Monument is a National Park Service run affair so you have to stop and get tickets to enter the park. When we were there the park was pretty empty so we managed to take a leisurely drive through the park. The road is not paved but you don’t need a 4WD vehicle to get through the park.

I was impressed by the colors and textures of the area. I sometimes have difficulty seeing past the different shades of brown. The day we were there the sky had some clouds so that made it a bit better as far as photography goes.

I would like to go back and spend an entire day at the park. I’d like to watch the sun rise and set at the park. There is a lot to explore in the park.

Make sure that you bring plenty of water especially in the summer months. Exploring the park and getting out of the car from time to time is an adventure. During the summer you will also have to take care and keep an eye out for the desert critters.

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