Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Camera Kit Update and extended

I did a post about my camera kit and realized that while I do carry my camera and a couple accessories in a belt pouch I did neglect to mention that I have other bits of camera gear stashed around as well. I typically wear one of two vests neither of which is a photographer specific vest. I have two because I wear one for winter and one for summer. Both vests have lots of pockets which I utilize to carry some other camera related gear, like a pen brush, and cleaning rag. I also have a small notebook and pen/pencil in my pocket. You never know when you may need to write something down. I sometimes take photos at events and I figure my 'subject' may like a copy of the photo.

I also carry homemade business cards to identify myself. I have my name and that I'm a portrait photographer along with my cell phone number and email address. I created a separate photography only address so I know that email I receive on that address is typically photo related. I still get the usual spam pill and male enhancer emails but I just delete those as I normally would.

I tend to also carry a photo mat card with me. I keep one in my car and one in my large camera bag. I use those to 'check' out a photo before taking it. Instead of using my hands like the old timers used to do I use the card. Ansel Adams used one for his photos so I figure if it was good enough for him then I will use one too. It is actually easier then dragging out your camera and composing a photo. The card can be used in landscape or portrait and can also be zoomed. You will get a quick idea of how something will look as a photo.

I have a smart phone and I have apps that give me the sun rise and sun set times for where I am. I also have a depth of field app that I use to determine how much range I have for my lens. I am sort of old school about the phone still. If I'm out taking pictures I don't want to be interrupted by answering the phone.

I figure I've got enough gear to take the photo I want. My main thing with the smaller kit is to be prepared to document something I find interesting without carrying my d-SLR and three lenses and a couple of Speedlites and stands with me all the time. The small kit helps me remember what I saw that was interesting in the first place.

You can see in the photo on the right me and my vest. You'll have to look close to view my small kit which is behind the hanging camera and under the red patch. You'll also be able to notice that the vest in front looks a little distorted, that's because I carry most of my 'extra' camera gear there. What you can't see is that I have also a second point and shoot camera in one of the vest front pockets. Both P/S cameras are 10+ megapixels so I'm not that picky about having JPEG and RAW files mixed. My philosophy is still the worst photo ever is the one not taken. It is all about making memories and sharing.

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