Monday, March 28, 2011

Vulture Mine, Wickenburg Arizona

Vulture mine is an interesting place to visit for a day walk. I’ve been there several times and each time I find something that I didn’t notice before. I’ve heard that the mine head has fallen now.

As a photo enthusiast I tend to get to the mine area early in the morning and wait for the gate to open.

There are lots of old buildings to visit. Most people just visit the mine but there are some other buildings like the school house that are on the road just where you turn into the main mine area. Be sure to check these buildings out also. Most of the mine you have to walk to and it is pretty spread out. The road is dirt and there are some hills but there are paths to walk along. Wear a hat and bring lots of water. I typically take two liters of water along with me.

I tend to go to Vulture mine in the autumn or spring mostly because of the heat. I tend to carry quite a bit of camera gear when I visit. I still shoot film so I have a 4x5 field camera that I take along with my digital camera. I sometimes take Speedlites and light stands along also. Some of those buildings can be rather dark. I also take a folding reflector which works well if there is someone with you to manage it for you.

If you drive past the mine entrance about a mile or so you’ll find the cemetery. It is also an interesting visit just because it is there. Many of the graves are outlined but not marked.

These are old buildings and it is a mine so there is some inherent danger but if you pay attention to where you are there really isn’t a problem. This is also a desert area so there are some critters around if you wander off of the main path. My favorite places to visit are the Assay Office, the Bunkhouse Kitchen and the Power plant. There is a blacksmith shop under the mine head but since the mine head has fallen I don’t know if you are able to go up there anymore.

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