Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel Pace

Here’s a short travel tip. I’m into trying to get people to change their mind about how they travel. I sometimes forget myself to slow down and enjoy where I am.

I think most of the time after we’ve visited some tourist place we look back and say “I wish I would have had more time to spend there.” That is the deal as a tourist we are supposed to be having fun. Somehow in all the wanting to see everything we manage to lose sight of that simple fact. We get back to the motel and we’re exhausted from all the running around and for a little while we dread the next day. Let your curiosity be your guide. If you feel you want to explore more then do it. If you don’t make it to all the places on your list this time put those places you missed on a new list for next time. The reward will be that you won’t have that little nagging voice in the back of your mind that little “What if?”

The thing is we’ve made time to go on vacation. We typically don’t make time while we are on vacation to enjoy it. I’ve caught myself going on a photography trip I’ve planned and I get so fixated on where I plan to take pictures I forget that there are places in between where I can take pictures too. If I have limited time then yes I’ll force myself to pass up some opportunities along the way. I try to plan several extra days travel if I can. This will give me the time to stop when I see something interesting instead of passing it by. I do have a camera with a built in GPS now so if I know I don’t have time I can take a photo of what I saw was interesting and I will have the grid coordinates to come back on a different planned trip.

The sooner I get myself into photographer mode, as I call it, then the better my trip turns out and when I get to my main photo site then I’m well into the photographer mode and my photos are better.

Try to do those things that you know you enjoy. Learn to take the time to go look at something that caught your eye. There is a big difference between glancing at something interesting and looking at the same thing.

Learn to take time to make time.

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