Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Travel first aid kit

Sometimes when we travel we forget about some of the things we have at home that are handy when needed but maybe not so while on the road. I carry with me a small first aid kit of my own concoction. I've sort of tailored it to me and what I usually use around my home. As with everyone my selection is based on personal preference and health reasons. Also where you travel to may not have the brand names that you are used to buying. Aspirin tops the list as usual. Walking around and carrying your luggage or maybe a back pack that you don't normally can cause some little pestering aches and will help with those headaches. Lip balm and Sun Screen are big things too. Most people don't realize that while they are accustom to the sun at home while on vacation the changes in altitude can greatly affect your skin. Anti diarrhea, antacid, disposable tooth brush, dental floss, and a breath freshener and a small selection of band aids round out my first aid kit. I do also carry lens cleaner cloth and lens cleaner solution. I also wear a hearing aid so a small supply of batteries is a good idea.
I also have prescriptions that I carry and I make sure that those stay with me. Keep all your prescription drugs in their original containers. I get my prescriptions in three month supply. Make sure also that for any controlled drugs you have a prescription for them. I just keep all my prescriptions together in a bag so if security goes through them I can explain them. I also have a card that I'm to present at security checks that says I have implants that could possibly set off their scanners.
Going through security is always a pain now days so try to simplify it as much as possible. For me I know that because of my camera gear and computer it always takes time to get through the security check point. I don't want my dream vacation to be a nightmare. A few simple steps in planning your trip to include some basic first aid items and make sure your prescriptions are all together will help, it may not reduce your stress level going through security but it also shows that you aren't trying to hide anything either.
Safe traveling.

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