Monday, March 14, 2011

Swansea, Arizona

The Mining Town of Swansea in La Paz County Arizona can be reached by car. Just be aware once you get off of the main highway you’ll find the roads are maintained gravel roads for several miles before you reach the Swansea. Parker and Bouse Arizona are good starting places. Parker has more overnight facilities if you plan to visit the area for a couple days. Just keep in mind that Parker is on the Colorado River and during the summer this is a getaway destination point for people in the desert to cool off. You don’t need a 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle to get to Swansea anymore. One of the things that helped in the preservation of Swansea was that access to the remains required a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The last time I was there the buildings in Swansea were being partially restored. I think in some places this was more of a brace to keep what is left of the structure up than actually repairing it.

Located within the park area are several signs and maps that will direct you to the major areas of the town. When we visited we stayed pretty much on the main trails because of the danger of falling into a mine shaft.

The area is pretty remote and it is wise to bring of water and snacks with you as you look around. Be aware in the summer there are critters out there so be on the lookout for them as well.

We spent a day just cruising around different parts of Swansea. The remains of Swansea are pretty spread out. While it is possible to walk from one area to another it does take a bit of walking to reach the different areas. In the summer I’d recommend using your car to travel between sights.

The town of Parker is close by and because of the Colorado River in the summer time there are a lot of people that visit the area for recreation. Alamo Lake is also in proximity.

Patton trained his army troops in the area so there is a small area with a memorial dedicated to the troops with static vehicle displays along the highway near Bouse.,_Arizona

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