Friday, March 25, 2011

New Technologies changing travel methods

This is me making a few remarks about what I see will be happening in the next few months or years as technology advances make our lives theoretically easier. I'm a technology guy. I like it and when I can't get connected I feel like I'm a bit lost even though I know I'm not.

Today's technology is changing how we will travel in the future. Back in the old days of non Smart phone technology travel was a bit different. It usually meant that we standard equipment for traveling included travelers cheques, pocket dictionary or phrase book and maps.

Much of that is now available on our Smart phone or pad. Soon it will be possible to do almost anything with Smart Phones. It is an emerging technology and is having some teething problems but it is growing.

Several years ago I had a cell phone that I left in my lunch box all the time. I used it to make calls only when I needed to make a call. Today I have a Smart Phone and an iPod Slide and between the two I don't know how got along without them before. I know several free hot spots where I can go and get internet access. I get a little irritated when I have a hotel with no free internet access in my room.

Think technology doesn't influence changes in different industries? You realize it is now possible to use Skype on most smart phones. That free long distance calling with a live view of the person you are talking to is great. The phone company was smart enough to know that people were waiting to use their computer to 'talk' on the internet so why pay that international fee when you can get it for free?

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