Monday, March 7, 2011

Harburg, Schwabia Germany

The town of Harburg is an interesting stop on your way up the Romantic Road visiting Germany’s castles. The town itself lies along the Wörnitz which is a spur of the Donau (Danube). There are several small hotels in Harburg that you can stay overnight if you like. Nördlingen and Dinkelsbuhl, Rothenburg are just a bit North West up highway 25 to E43. These are some nice towns to visit also along the way up the Romantic Road.

Harburg Castle is one of the oldest standing castles in Germany. It overlooks the valley below. Guided tours are available. In the summer English tours are available more readily. Not all the tour guides can speak English but you may purchase a printed highlight sheet in the gift shop. There are also some very good history books and pamphlets to be had there.

The town was spared during War 2 because this area didn’t have any industrial value at that time. There is a bridge in the town that was bombed to prevent troop movement but the rest of the town was spared. This is an agricultural area and grows Hopps for beer. If you’ve never seen a Hopps field then you are in for a treat. The plants grow ten or so meters in the air. In the winter you’ll see the hoops in the fields so the plants can climb on them.

Summer weekends you’ll find entertainment in the town square. A stage is put up every Friday and local talent put on musical programs. The hotels along the town square put up tables and waitress bring you food and beer. The ambiance is very good with people in the surrounding buildings leaning out of the windows.

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