Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glockenspiel Marienplatz, München, Bayern

If you've never been to München and seen the Glockenspiel then here is a little sound bite of it. This plays every day at eleven and in the summer it plays twice for the tourists. The figures are life sized and the music plays for several minutes as it depicts a play. The dancers dance and the knights joust, Bayern Knight wins naturally. This was destroyed during the war and rebuilt.
This is in the New Court House, the white building to your right is the old court house and has a toy museum. If you wish to go to the Hofbrauhaus then walk past that building and turn left go one block then turn right then one block turn left again the Hofbrauhaus is one block away on the right and the Hard Rock Cafe is on the left. If you follow this route you will realize that I've taken you through the gift shop alley as I call it. You can find almost any souvenir you wish in this alley especially if you like soccer. Both the major teams have shops in this stretch of road.
I find that using Marienplatz is a good starting point for seeing the sights in München. If you are again facing the Glockenspiel then looking to your right again you'll see that the pedestrian zone ends. You'll see the Deutsche Bank across the street on the corner. If you walk to that corner and turn right you'll see Alte Peter on your left just across the street. You can climb the tower for a small fee and have a very good view of the München skyline. The church itself is beautiful inside. Walking towards Alte Peter from Marienplatz you can use the alley on either side of the church and you'll end up in the Victuallen Market. If you have an interest in food and trying out just about anything food wise this is the place to visit.
The one thing about using Marienplatz to start your walking tour is that the S-Bahn stops here so it is an ideal place to start and finish your daily walking tour.

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