Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting on the Plane

It is no longer possible to just jump on a plane. Today there are so many checks and security points at the airport one now has to plan for them. When I fly I try to plan on getting through the airport before I get on the plane. I try to prepare what I bring through security so I don't have a lot to pick up after it has gone through the scanner. These days with separate bins for shoes, computer, camera and coat it really isn't all that easy to travel light. I know that it will take me some time to go through the required security points because I usually travel with a computer and camera gear. I try to take the precaution when traveling with someone to have them go through the scanners a few people in front of me. That way they can keep an eye on my 'electronic gear' as it goes through the scanners.
We all know there will be security check points and we'll be required to take off our shoes and belt at some point in time. I try to dress as comfortably as possible in the summer I will wear shorts with no belt. I've taken to wearing sandals on local flights and international flights I wear house shoes. The reason I wear house shoes on international flights is that I know I'm going to eventually want to take off my shoes during the flight sometime. House shoes allow me to slip them off and on with relative ease even if the seat back in front of you is fully reclined.
If I'm going to the airport by taxi then once my house is secure I put my keys into my carry on that way I don' \t have to mess with them at the security check point. I'm not going to need my house or car keys while I'm on vacation so putting them in my carry on lets me know they are in a safe place and I know where they are when I get back.
If I'm traveling internationally I also take my money out of my wallet and put it in my money pouch that I wear around my neck. I'll leave enough to pay the taxi maybe some snack money for the airport. I put all my loose change into my carry one also. I take a couple dollars in change just in case. Before I leave my house I take all my other credit cards out of my wallet. When traveling I only need my debit card, medical ID card and my Passport. Everything else can remain at home. In case you you loose your wallet then you only have to worry about one credit card all the others are safe at home.
I know it seems to be a bit much but I like to take as much stress off of traveling as possible.
Travel safe be well

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