Friday, March 11, 2011

Arizona Travel Kit

Arizona is a desert and while it offers many beautiful scenes and landscapes it can be inhospitable particularly in the summer months.  Remember too that even in November it can reach temperatures in the high 90's F so while not technically summer the temperatures can be summer like for other places of the world.

We would like you to enjoy your trip to Arizona and be able to return again. Any trip you plan for Arizona make sure that you bring plenty of water. I'm not talking bringing one of those half liter bottles for an entire family. What you'll need here is gallons of water. You'll need to stay hydrated. You don't want to get thirsty because then you are already dehydrated. If you are not use to this type of climate then be aware that in the summer you can sweat lots of water out.

I recommend that if you plan a visit to Arizona even if you just plan on driving you make up a kit, a being prepared kit.
A very basic kit should include:
a large floppy hat and sun glasses
1 liter of water per person minimum more is much better. Keep some additional water in your car
sun screen
lip balm 
a compass or some kind of GPS device
emergency blanket one of those Mylar reflective types. They are cheap and offer protection against the sun and rain if needed.
whistle it is easier to blow on a whistle then yell all day long.  A whistle is easier to hear.

I prefer to keep my water cool. Some people like to freeze water in the bottle then carry it and that can be helpful. Just be careful when you get hot and drink really cold water as this can lead to severe stomach cramps. The cramps won't last very long but they are uncomfortable.

Remember too that caffeine products, coffee and soda won't rehydrate you as well as water so try to refrain from drinking them before or while hiking.

Be aware of your surroundings. Before you leave your vehicle look for easy to find landmarks. Try and be safe so you can come back again and again.

Don't expect your smart phone to work everywhere especially if you start getting off the beaten track.
Be well take care

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  1. Very nice post! Very useful advices in it! Arizona is certainly a place which requires a lot of water. Wandering around the desert without water is very dangerous. I've been there twice and the first time I made the mistake not to take water. I'm glad there was enough in the fridge in Arizona resorts where I stayed. Regards!