Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel Tips,

One learns much by observation when traveling. I think one of the things that I like about traveling in Bavaria is that the people tend to be friendly. Eating breakfast can be very different than we are use to.
There will be some variation of how things are done from hotel to hotel or region to region but basically they are all the same with
regional choices.
Upon your arrival in the dining area you will be asked what you would like to drink. German coffee is very good. I'm a coffee drinker. You can get coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
If you are eating in your hotel check the dining room before you sit as some hotels will actually have a table set out for you. After the first time you will know if you should just walk into the dining area and eat or sit at the table set out for you. If you don't have a table set for you your wait person may ask for your room number. If your rent includes breakfast or Früstück then they need to know not to charge you again.
The usual thing with breakfast is a selection of yogurt, eggs,cold cuts cheese and bread.
There is silverware on your table but there is also specialty silverware on the food table or near the plates and bowls. The juice glasses will be near the juice serving area.
The method of serving food is sort of buffet style. You can get breakfast cereal but you may notice the absence of milk, this is because cereal is typically eaten with plain yogurt. You can of course ask for milk.
Near the rolls there are usually cutting boards with a bread knife and some kind of small basket. The basket is for you to put your bread in to take back to your table.
Packaged items, yogurt, butter and those kind of things you can just pick up. The cold cuts and items on serving plates or bowls will have serving spoons or forks which ever is needed.
If you choose to have boiled eggs you may find them already cooked or you may have to cook them yourself. There will be sort of a deep fryer looking pot on the table by the eggs with a ladle which is used to lower the egg into the boiling water. You have to time the egg yourself.
There will be a selection of juice drinks, usually orange, grapefruit and some mixed fruit. I prefer the orange drink.
In the top photo you can see there is a large ceramic pot on the table. This is to put your non food trash. Wrappers from your butter, sugar wrappers and the like.
You will also find that in some hotels there is rock sugar and granulated sugar on the table. I know that some people prefer to put the rock sugar in their morning drink. They don't stir it but drink it and as the level gets lower then the drink gets sweeter. Aside from that fact I don't know why rock sugar is on the table but I do know it takes a long time to dissolve. I like to experiment with the local customs and see what I like.
I also like taking small samples of what is placed out on the table. You never know you may find some thing that you really like.
If you are an on the run kind of person it is possible to stop in a bakery and get any kind of sweet roll or a plain roll or a pretzel with butter.
It is good to immerse yourself in the land where you are not just visit and expect everything to be just like back home.

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