Friday, February 4, 2011

Testing the Cowboy Studio Photo 24x24 soft box

I was hoping to get to this a bit sooner than I did. I did a photo shoot using the Cowboy Studio Photo 24x24 soft box. The photo on the left shows one of the examples I shot. Soft box was to camera left and about a meter from the model. I used a Canon 430 EX Speedlite zoomed to 50mm, at 1/16th power in manual mode triggered with Pocket Wizard IIs. I used a black background and to camera right is a white foam core bookend almost touching the model's shoulder to give me a little additional fill on the right side of her face. The camera settings were Manual, ISO 100, 1/125, WB set to flash, and the image type was portrait. I was using at this point in the shoot a 24-105 f-4L. Overall I was very pleased with the results of the shoot and the softbox in particular.
The box went together nicely. I did realize I had to pay attention to which end of the box I was trying to pull apart but it popped open easily and in a matter of a couple of minutes everything was assembled and attached to my lighting stand. I like the recessed face a lot. I tend to make some light modifiers out of black foam core that limit the light coming out and these points will make some very efficient attaching points. My hack turns the soft box into sort of a strip light. I'll see about making that a future post with photo results naturally.
I had no difficulty with the silver lining, although just for variation sake I may make some white foam core leaves to fit inside.
The softbox itself wasn't that hard to assemble. I like the nice compact size of the whole unit. The carrying case is a nice touch also.
I did note that the opening of the ring isn't wide enough to fit a Vivitar flash head. Not that it matters much as I usually use my Vivitar flash heads for fill and accent lighting. It would have been a plus if that flash head would have fit into the hole.
I thought the Cowboy Studiophoto 24x24 soft box rocked. Easy to set up easy to take down and put back. Its small footprint folded is a major plus in my book. This is a thumbs up winner for me.
The bottom line is that this will probably become a regular addition to my traveling studio. I'll be tempted to take this outside and run some more tests with it against my Photoflex Octidome.
The photo on the right is another result with the shoot. Nothing changed in any of the settings except this was shot at 1/8th power. My model is a great person to photograph. She follows direction very well and as you can see she is very photogenic.
I had a few experiments going yesterday and I'll revel the results of those in a different post. I'll be posting some photos of my model that I took with a Strobies small beauty dish. I added a piece of opaque stencil material to the front with a hole about the size of the cone cut out of it.

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