Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scorpion Gulch, Phoenix Arizona

Scorpion Gulch located about a hundred meters or so away from the entrance to South Mountain State Park in Phoenix is a nice place to stop and take some photos.

South Mountain Park itself can offer you many varied photo opportunities. Just make sure you bring water in the summer and be aware of the creatures that are out there roaming around.

Being a bit of an amateur photographer I sometimes bring people here to take photos. I love this place for its textures and it is possible to take pictures here at almost any time of day because there are a few trees and some natural shadowed areas.

The buildings are mostly oriented west to east, meaning that the front of the buildings face west. It isn’t much of a deal but knowing which way the buildings face helps in planning a photo shoot. I like doing them early in the morning shooting for the golden hour. In the summer time that can be really early so I try to avoid those 5 am shoots.

There are a few areas that are always exposed to the sun so you will have to make plans to take photos in those areas.

It is possible to bring just your camera and one lens and get some great photos. I’d bring a fill light or reflector just in case.

There is a lot of traffic in the area and there are always people stopping in and looking around.

There are horse rental places close by so if you want you can also get some interesting photos of the horses as they are geared up for the day. I’ve gotten some nice shots in the morning.

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