Friday, February 25, 2011

Landgasthof Deutsche Eiche, Lochhausen, München

When I am in München this is where I stay. Mostly because I have family near here so they are within walking distance from the hotel.
Here are some other reasons to stay here if you are visiting München:
Wireless internet access. There is a signal booster in the cabinet below the T.V.
Close to the train Station, about a block. Far enough away the train noise doesn’t bother you.
This ease of access puts you in reach of all the tourist attractions in the area. The change hub in city of Passing is close by. If you wanted to go to the airport for example this is where you’d transfer. The announcement to get off for the airport is in English. A little tip here is that if you travel to München the Hauptbahnhof is in a sort of seedy part of town so if you go one stop further to Stachus then you are at the entrance to the pedestrian zone for the main shopping area of München. As you exit the train station underground if you are facing Karlstor then to your right is one of the best toy stores in München, next to it is Huggendubel the book store and next to that is the local MacDonalds.
This is the Breakfast layout
Lochhausen is the last stop for Zone 1 on the train. That means that the train rates are cheaper than if you were in Zone 2 for example. All of München is in Zone 1 so your train ticket is good to travel anywhere in the city proper.
I enjoy the hotel staff. They are friendly and very helpful.
There is a butcher shop either next door or underneath depending on which building you stay in. We had rooms with a kitchenette so we were over the butcher shop. You can get very good prepared meals fairly cheap at the butcher shop. There is a bakery across the street and at the end of the butcher shop there is a fruit stand.
I think that the room rates were reasonable with breakfast included. I figure that in a hotel closer to München you can pay about €200 a night or there about and I paid for two people in a kitchenette about €750 for three weeks. The evening meal can be a bit expensive if you eat in the dining room.
The breakfast selection ample and had a wide variety of choices.
this is the main dining room from the rear to front
I sent and received faxes from the hotel. I had some paperwork that I needed to take care of and they were very helpful.
I did some traveling away from München and I left some suitcases at the hotel and wasn’t charged for them being there. This is something that I’ve encountered at other hotels in Germany and Austria. I wanted to check out of the hotel but I didn’t want to take my bags to a tourist destination so I was allowed to check out and my bags were kept in the room until we came back to pick them up.

Another very good feature of the location if this hotel is that on the other side of the train tracks is a small shopping center.  It is very out of the way and it has a bank branch office with an ATM machine.  If you need to get money it is very easy and inconspicuous here.  Remember you bank card will open the lobby door if the bank is closed.
There is also a small branch Post Office where you can get mailing boxes and mail packages home. The Deutsche Post has the same flat rate box type system that we have here.

You can bring a car to the hotel there is parking available.

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