Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fevo-Kachel Vacatin Home Kachel
I spent two weeks in this holiday house during the first part of December 2010. The house itself is very accommodating and roomy. Two very nice bedrooms a large living room, the kitchen is nicely stocked with a large refrigerator and stove and oven. Ingrid keeps local tourist info in the living room so you can find out what is in the area.
I believe that the land lady Ingrid made the stay there wonderful. She picked us up from the train and took us back when we left. If you are traveling by train call her to come pick you up. The house is hard to find and it is a little way up the hill. Ingrid spoke rather good English and she acted as a tour guide taking us to several nice places in the area. She also took us grocery shopping and to a restaurant in Oberwesel the next town to the north. On several occasions Ingrid went with us into town and she introduced us to many of the locals which helped to break the ice.
The house is located more towards Steeg than Bacharach but if you spend time in the area the area is full of very interesting sights and history. Ingrid knows the area very well and can point out some details. There is also a ruin nearby that is according to Ingrid a short walk.
Some of the places of interest in the area that are within ten kilometers or so are;
Rüdesheim which has a very nice Christmas Market, is best known for its Brandy Asbach Uralt and a very nice local drink known as Rüdesheimer Kaffee. If you like coffee you should try it. You’ll have to cross the Rhine in Bingen on a ferry to get to Rüdesheim but that is a little venture all its own.
St. Goar is the point of the Lorelei Cliff famous in German lore.
Die Pfalz am Rhine is a fort in the middle of the Rhine that was used to collect taxes from the ships that traveled the Rhine. This is located between Bacharach and Oberwesel. The fort is also located near a point where General Blücher of Waterloo fame crossed the Rhine to aid Wellington.

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