Monday, February 28, 2011

Burghausen Castle Bavaria

Burghausen Castle is an interesting place to visit at least overnight. Speaking as an amateur photographer this castle and the old town offers many photo opportunities. The castle is the longest in Europe. From Hotel Burgblick in Ach, Austria we had wonderful views of the castle. At night the castle is light up so there are wonderful opportunities to get some very nice photos of the castle. If you go make sure you have some type of tripod or improvise.

We stayed here a couple of nights and used the town as a base to travel to Prien and visit Herrenchiemsee another of Ludwig's castles.

As Altötting is on the border between Germany and Austria you can cross the small bridge into the small town of Ach where our hotel was located. The two towns are literally minutes apart.

Altötting has an old town that is just delightful. There are outdoor cafés to enjoy the sights of the town. Napoleon apparently spent a week in one of the houses as the plaque on the wall states. There are painted scenes on the church.

It is possible to take a salt boat ride down or up the Salzach River in the summer months. This is a one way trip and you come back by bus.,_Alt%C3%B6tting

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