Monday, February 28, 2011

Blutenburg Castle Bavaria

Blutenburg Castle Bavaria
This castle is located just to the north of München near Nymphenburg Castle. The town of Dachau is also in the area.
I visited this castle in December of 2009 and about a week before the restaurant had a fire that pretty much gutted the place.
That being said the rest of the castle seemed to be unscathed. The chapel should be visited just to see the stained glass and the altar. The entrance door is quite nice also.
This is a small castle with nice grounds, though when I visited it was covered with snow but that did not diminish the quaintness of this castle. I would say if you are in the area and can spend some time here you should take some time to do so.
For me this was pretty much a self guided look around. As a photographer I am drawn towards textures and colors. I find myself walking towards those colors and making photographs. In Bavaria I like the pastel colors of the buildings and the interesting paintings on the sides of the buildings.
This is a place I’d love to return to in the summer when the grass is out and the stream is running. Also in the summer there would be more access to the buildings and that should prove interesting.

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