Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bacharach on the Rhine

The town of Bacharach is a good place to spend a few days. I have seen some very nice photos of this area and I wanted to visit. I think partially I wanted to take pictures of Altes Haus. This building is one of the most photographed buildings in this area. It is a half timbered house built in 1356.

Today it functions a restaurant. Located near the center of the market square it is easily reached. Bacharach is not a large town everything so everything is easily reached from the train station. The main street features a wider variety of  shops. You can chose from antiques, wine or local art. When walking around in Bacharach you should take the time to look into the small alley ways. In the Posthof for example which houses the tourist office there are some very interesting things to see. Inside the courtyard is a wonderful spiral staircase. The buildings in the square are also some nice examples of Half timber houses (Fachwerk).

The photo on the left shows the main north south road through Bacharach. This is looking towards the town of Oberwesel. I took this photo standing in front of St. Peter's church. The train station would be in the opposite direction from this view. In this market square you'll find the post office which is to the right in this photo. There is also a grocery and pharmacy, several restaurants and hotels. To the left you'll find a bank, a hardware store along with several tourist shops. St. Peter's church is worth the trip inside and a few paces farther will take you to Werner Kapella.

Walking up this street you will find the Rhinetheater you will find some nice puppets in the window at the rear of the theater. In an open area by the Theater you will find some children's rides and an Flohemark where you pay by the honor system.

If you need to find a wireless internet Cafe then heading towards the train station from the market square you'll find Cafe Haus Steihl. You'll find local wine, schnapps, coffee and a nice selection of torts and sweets along with a selection of meals. You use your own computer and purchase internet time by the hour. The people are friendly and helpful here.

The towns people are friendly also. I would say if you wanted to spend a couple of days enjoying the local atmosphere then this is a nice place to stay.
You can begin your Rhine River tour from here in the summer.
My advice is to become a tourist. Slow down and enjoy what is around you.

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