Monday, January 31, 2011

Lighting experiments

I've been conducting some lighting experiments for an upcoming photo club workshop. I wanted to see if I could reproduce an softbox look using a white piece of foam core board and a shoe mounted flash. I held the camera in the portrait mode with my 430 EX at a 45 degree angle. The camera a Canon 5D mk ii with a nifty fifty with following settings; ISO 100, WB flash, Manual, 1/125th, f-5.6. The flash was fired E-TTL with no compensation.
The white foam core board was about a meter away from the model's head, I also used a second piece of foam core board as a background and that was about a foot away from the back of the head. This is the result of that photo. I'd prefer to have a bit more light on the other side of the head.
Just for the sake of experimenting I added a white bookend to camera right to add fill light and lighten the face features. I was a little more pleased with the results of this photo. I think with a little more experimenting I could get a better result. As I was testing the feasibility of using just one Speedlight and control the light on the model's features I think I pretty much pulled this off. I did an experiment later using a Strobies beauty dish mounted on the camera. I shot this also with E-TTL with all the settings still the same. I did add to the beauty dish a small piece of opaque stencil plastic to diffuse the light a bit. I cut a 2" hole in the center of the plastic to allow a 'cone' of light to be a bit stronger in the center of the model. I ended up using a +1.5 compensation for that photo. I was able to see that this small beauty dish has some value in my bag. I just have to plan on using it for a shoot. Here is the photo I got with that .
That's if for today. I did just receive my new Cowboy Studio Photo 24x24 soft box as I was working on this. Hopefully in the next day or so I'll be able to post a photo or two taken with that. I just had to open it up and see how it was. I can say that it was easy to put together. I've read several of the reviews and I had no difficulty what ever putting all the pieces together. So far so good.

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