Friday, October 1, 2010

Work in progress Vest

I've been doing some modifications to the new vest. I found a place that makes patches and have added some custom made work onto the back of the vest. I've also put some of the pins on the front of the vest.
This is the latest version of the back of my vest. At the bottom right you can see a large red and yellow patch on which are the names of my ANGLICO Marines KIA during my tour. At the very bottom you see a patch with the name of Li'l Bamboo which was my nickname, or at least the one I choose to keep using. I had two other nicknames while serving, Hippy Doc and Butcher. I didn't know about hippies at the time and well Butcher just didn't seem to fit in my minds eye. Also I just had to add something German to the vest so the top left is a patch that says Ja Und. Sort of a sarcastic Yes And answer to a question.

This is the front of my vest with unit patches for 7th COMM and 1st ANGLICO. Other patches are of the 1st Marine Division, my rank and rating Hospitalman 3rd Class, a copy of my dog tags, a Fleet Marine Force badge (silver thing over the 1st Marine Patch).
I think this will be all that is on here for a while. I have added some beads in the colors of the Vietnam Service Medal and the colors of the German flag. As I can't hang those beads horizontally it looks like the Belgian colors instead.

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