Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Vet Vest

Here is the front of my new vest. Proudly displaying my unit patches, 7th COMM which was my parent outfit during my entire tour although I spent actually very little time with them. I spent five months in a reactionary platoon in defense of the Chu Lai Airstrip.  Along with bunker watch this unit set up ambushes at night and we also got to ride shotgun on convoys delivering Av. Gas, usually two tankers and three trucks of 8" and 155mm ammunition to Quang Ngai.  Our small convoy consisted of the five mentioned trucks with two additional deuce and a half's with about twenty Marines each and two communication jeeps.

1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1 is a group I spent nearly six months with. I was attached to a detachment of Marines attached to the 2nd ROKMC, Blue Dragon Brigade Chung Jung. I was in the 1st Marine Division. The rank Patch of Hospitalman 3rd Class was actually on one of my uniforms.

Here is the back of my vest. I have added to it since this photo but you get the idea that I am a Vietnam Vet. I have added a custom made patch with the names of the Marines that fell during my tour with  1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1.

Vet Vest

I've been wanting to get a leather vest for a long time and I finally managed to get one. Funny thing is that right after I got it I found a place that has patches and makes custom patches. I had them make me one to honor those guys that didn't make it during my tour. It cost about $14 to have made.
So now I have these guys on my back so everyone can see. My Marines I can now share with others who they were.
Semper Fi
Fair winds and following seas.